Telangana is women welfare state, says KCR

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has said that Telangana is emerging as the women welfare state through the implementation of welfare and development programmes during last nine years.

CM KCR explained the state government is safeguarding the girl child from the stage of growing in the mother’s womb by implementing significant schemes from their birth, health, protection, welfare, education, marriage, development and empowerment of the child.

He said that the effective action plan which has been implemented by the Telangana government for the all-round development of women has set an example for the country.

On the occasion of ‘International Women’s Day’ on Wednesday, the Chief Minister extended greetings to the women community.

The CM said in his message on the occasion that the Telangana state government has taken steps towards promoting women empowerment. He said that the government is implementing slew of welfare schemes and development programmes aiming to uplift women, empower them and enhance their dignity.

KCR said that the country’s development will be complete when women, who constituted one half of theA society, progressed in all fields.

He said that the unprecedented achievements of women in different fields by availing the opportunities equal to the men displayedA the power of women.

CM KCR said that the women community is honoured suitably by announcing special holiday for women employees in the government on the women’s day.

The Chief Minister’s Office listed a few schemes being implemented for the welfare and development of women.

Under the “KCR Kit” scheme for the welfare of pregnant women and infants, the beneficiaries receive a sum of Rs 12,000.As an incentive for giving birth to a girl child, the state government is providing another thousand rupees with a total of Rs 13,000 to the mother. So far, 13,90,639 beneficiaries received the scheme benefit and the expenditure incurredA on the scheme is Rs 1261.67 crores.

Under “KCR Nutrition Kit” scheme, which has been launched with the aim of providing nutrition and prevention of anemia in pregnant women, nutritional kits are provided to pregnant women in installments.

For the complete protection of women and social security, the state government has set up a special police department named ” She Team” for the first time in the country. This system has become a role model for other states.

The state government is implementing Arogya Lakshmi Scheme through 35,700 Anganwadii centres with the aim of providing complete nutrition to pregnant women, infants and children under 6 years of age. So far, 1,73,85,797 persons have been benefited from this scheme.

A total of 22,19,504 persons benefited from Amma Odi scheme meant for pregnant women who goes to hospitals. The Government has so far spent Rs 166.19 crore.

Till date, the government has paid Rs 1,430 crore as pension to 1,52,050 single women in the state through Aasara Pension Scheme.A 19,000.13 crore pension amount is paid to 15,74,905 widows and 4,80,861 women beedi workers got Rs 5,393.19 pension amount.

According to CMO, Rs 1,00,116 is being given as financial assistance to help marriage of girls and support their parents through the Kalyanalakshmi/Shadi Mubarak scheme.

So far, 13,03,818 beneficiaries availed the scheme. The government has till now sanctioned Rs 11,775 crore under the scheme.

On the occasion of Bathukamma festival, the government is distributing “Bathukamma” sarees to women from below poverty line families every year. Till date 5,75,43,664 sarees have been distributed to women under this scheme. For this, Rs 1,536.26 crore has been spent.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, the government is providing interest-free loans of more than Rs 750 crore to women self help groups in the Villages and Urban areas. The state government displayed it committed and sincerity towards women development by distributing cheques for Rs 546 crore to the beneficiaries under Abhyahastam scheme.