Telangana: Junior colleges to be fined for misleading ads

Hyderabad: In order to rule out misleading ads posted by junior colleges to hike up their admission drive, the Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TS BIE) has decided to impose penalties against those who do so.

In addition, those advertisements featuring slogans like ‘guaranteeing success in competitive exams’, including EAMCET, NEET, and IIT- JEE will also be banned.

Speaking to the media at TSBIE office on Tuesday, BIE secretary Navin Mittal informed that the penalties would be in tune with the advertisement cost issued by the management.

“Not just penalties, but the colleges would be made to issue counter advertisements if a misleading advertisement was previously issued,” said Mittal.

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Clearing the air that the board was not against the advertisement idea by the institutions, Mittal said that curbing false or misleading ads was essential so that the students and parents don’t get lured into false traps.

Stating that the student rank category should be mentioned in any ad that is published after getting approved, Mittal said, “If a student secures a rank, the educational institutions having the same name should issue advertisements duly specifying the college code but not randomly.”

The secretary of the board also warned that no advertisement should be carried out through hoarding, pamphlets, or wall writings without the approval of the committee formed to scrutinize the advertisements by colleges.

“No college should release advertisements about intermediate courses until the admission schedule was announced by the Board,” asserted Mittal.