Telangana: KCR snacks with farmer leaders, screens achievements

Hyderabad: Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao on Saturday spent time with farmer leaders from different states across the country at Pragati Bhavan and held a conference to discuss issues relating to the Agriculture sector in the country and measures required to improve conditions for farmers.

The farmers were provided with lunch on their arrival and were screened a documentary about Telangana’s success in agriculture, irrigation, and other sectors. After the screening, the senior farmer leaders wished that KCR should think not only about Telangana but also about the farmers of our states, a press note from the chief minister’s office said.

Farmer leaders watching the documentary. Photo: Twitter.

Addressing the participants, KCR said that its time to investigate the reasons on why even after seventy-five years of independence, the rule of the central government is directionless and has failed to satisfy the growing aspirations of its citizens. “More importantly, the nation’s rulers have absolutely failed to solve the issues of its farmers, and the discussion around the topic is necessary,” he remarked.

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The chief minister further said that due to this current situation, forces that think of a greater good in this country have to come together and fight. “There might be doubts at the beginning of this journey. But it’s important that the unity of this struggle must prevail and success be made possible,” he said.

A total of 100 senior farmer leaders from various states and union territories participated in the meeting with the chief minister.

Farmers from 26 states including Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Punjab, Jharkhand, and other states arrived in Siddipet on Friday as part of the three-day research tour to the Kaleshwaram project and agricultural reforms in Telangana.