Telangana: KCR to launch drive for planting 1 cr saplings on Aug 26

Hyderabad: Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao will launch a record one-crore sapling plantation drive across the state on Saturday.

The massive exercise will be formally kickstarted by the CM at Manchirevulu Tech Forest Park, Rangareddy.

Telangana government launched the Haritha Haram programme in 2015 to save biodiversity and increase green cover in the state.

The program saw active participation from elected public representatives and citizens apart from governmental departments.

With an expenditure of Rs 11,095 crore, so far, the state witnessed the plantation of over 288 crore saplings while its Haritha Haram program is globally recognized as the third-largest environmental conservation effort.

To cater to regional and climatic diversities, as well as the demand for various types of saplings, a total of 14,864 nurseries have been established across the state.

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This year 30.29 crore saplings have been planted to achieve the target of 19.29 crore saplings.

The afforestation process has been successful, covering 2.03 lakh acres with block plantations and rejuvenated forests spanning 13.44 lakh acres.

To combat the menace of locusts, 55 crore plants underwent root stock treatment. To protect trees within forested regions from wildfire accidents, 21,452 forest fire lines were formed.

Apart from soil conservation, measures like the construction of check dams and tanks were constructed to enhance water retention capacity.

In addition to rural areas, urban regions have also witnessed large-scale plantations, especially towering trees, enhancing the urban aesthetics without encroaching on urban spaces.

Following Haritha Haram, Hyderabad has metamorphosed into a Green City of global recognition, boasting a 147 percent surge in green cover as per the Forest Survey of India.

The program has contributed to the establishment of 456 new parks solely within Hyderabad.