Telangana likely to get rains for next 5 days

Hyderabad: India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Wednesday said that Telangana is likely to have light to moderate rain in one or two places for the next four to five days.

“At present, the synoptic situation indicates that mainly westerlies and south-westerlies prevail over the Telangana state and under its influence, Telangana is likely to have light to moderate rain in one or two places for the next four to five days,” said Director at Meteorological centre Hyderabad Dr Nagaratna.

He also suggested that clear sky conditions are likely to prevail with light rains in Hyderabad and adjoining areas.

“Temperatures are likely to be with normal conditions with plus or minus 2 degrees Celcius during the next three to four days. Mainly clear sky conditions will be there with temperatures around 35 to 36 degrees Celcius,” he added.

Earlier in July, the rivulets, reservoirs and rivers overflowed in the wake of the incessant heavy rains in the state.

On July 24, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao asked officials to be prepared to take up rescue and relief measures in view of the forecast of rainfall in the state in the next few days.

Accordingly, the Chief Secretary conducted a teleconference with senior officials and district Collectors and apprised them about the heavy to very heavy rainfall threat across the State and the need to be vigilant. He asked them to focus on ensuring that there is no loss of human life.

Chief Minister Rao also said that the government is ready to face any eventuality and instructed the officials to be on alert. “The state was already flooded with heavy rains for two weeks and the canals, water bodies and ponds will overflow in heavy rains in the next two days. In view of this development, the Chief Minister appealed to people to be on alert and adopt self-protection measures. People are requested to cancel their unnecessary travel plans,” the office of the Chief Minister had informed on Saturday.

It further informed that the river Godavari has been overflowing from its birthplace at Trimbakeshwar in Maharashtra to the Bay of Bengal and the tributaries are also flooding. The Chief Minister said that it is a testing time for the state administration to protect people from the natural calamity. He said that the entire administration should be on alert and take up rescue operations and ensure no loss of life occurs. He said that the government is ready to extend all kinds of assistance.