Telangana looking to launch free power scheme

Bengaluru: A team from Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited visited the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited office today in Bengaluru, officials said.

The Telangana officers visited the BESCOM office to understand the implementation of the Gruha Jyothi scheme.

The team from Telangana was headed by Telangana IAS officer Musharraf Faruqi.

“They held a discussion with BESCOM MD Mahatesh Bilagi and Director Finance Dharshan J and Information Technology and Revenue section officials to take inputs about the Gruha Jyothi scheme to implement a similar free power scheme in the Telangana state,” officials said.

Under the Gruha Jyothi scheme, the Karnataka government is providing free power for up to 200 units monthly to all residential households in the state.

Free power of up to 200 units was one of the election promises of the Congress ahead of the 2023 state assembly election.

The scheme is expected to cost the government close to Rs 13,910 crore annually.