Telangana: NCRB data shows 17 per cent raise in crimes against women

Hyderabad: According to the National Crime Records Bureau’s Crimes In India (CII) report, Telangana saw a significant increase in crimes against women from 2020 to 2021. (NCRB). According to the NCRB study, the number of offences against women increased from 17,791 in 2020 to 20,865 in 2021, a 17.278 percent rise.

Among crimes against women, the most cases — 9,468 — were related to mistreatment by husbands or relatives, followed by assault with intent to insult modesty in 4,365 incidents.

Other crimes against women documented in 2021 included murder and rape (12), dowry deaths (175), abetment to suicide (403) and one acid attack and attempt to acid attack. For the period, a total of 1967 kidnap and abduction instances were documented, one of which was for ransom, while victims were kidnapped in 330 cases to force them into marriage.

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According to the report, 47 cybercrimes against women were reported, 14 incidents of posting or transferring sexually explicit material, and 33 cases of blackmailing and morphing.

In Telangana, there were reports of 1,835 child rapes, 817 sexual assaults on children, and 40 sexual harassment instances.

In total, 823 rape cases were reported across the state, with 99.5 percent of the accused being known to the victims, including friends, online friends, live-in partners, or separated husbands in 501 cases, and 129 accused being family members and 189 family friends, neighbours, and colleagues in 129 cases.
Only four of the defendants were complete strangers to the victims.

787 cases were found to be untrue, while 939 cases concluded in a mistake of fact, law, or civil dispute. According to the NCRB data, Hyderabad was responsible for 3,050 incidences of crimes against women.

In 823 rape cases, 99.5 percent of the accused were known to the victims, including friends, internet pals, live-in partners, or split husbands in 501 cases.

Telangana Congress on Monday attacked the ruling TRS on the NCRB data and asked him to read the newspapers in order to understand the ‘dire’ situation of women’s safety in the state.