Telangana: No RTC bus fare hike, TGSRTC warns against misinformation

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Strongly condemning the rumours being spread on social media that TGSRTC was hiking the general charges of the RTC bus fare, the corporation has warned that strict action will be taken against those trying to defame the organisation.

In a statement to the media on Wednesday, June 12, TGSRTC managing director VC Sajjanar rubbished the rumours stating that the Centre has recently hiked the toll charges, and accordingly TGSRTC has “updated” its toll cess, which came into effect from June 3.

Affirming that there were no changes made to the general charges, he stated that the updated toll cess was going to apply to passengers travelling in routes on the highways where the toll is collected.

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An official informed that even on those routes, there won’t be any additional toll cess collected at the first toll booth, but the updated toll cess will apply to the passengers travelling further.

In other developments from the TGSRTC, the corporation is giving away RTC bus passes for the ‘green metro luxury electric AC’ buses for Rs 1,900 per month. While the price of passes for these RTC buses is Rs 2,530, the corporation is giving a discount of Rs 630 to encourage the passengers to avail of the environment-friendly premium bus service.

The pass will be applicable for RTC buses running in Secunderabad-Patancheru (219) and Bachupally-Waverock via JNTU (195) routes. Passengers can also use these passes to travel in E-Metro Express and City ordinary buses in city suburban limits. These bus passes can’t be used in Pushpak buses.

TGSRTC is providing these buses for passengers to experience clean, eco-friendly, safe, enjoyable and hassle-free journeys at an affordable price. Those having Metro Express bus passes can travel in these RTC buses with Rs 20 combination tickets. The passes for the green metro luxury AC buses can be bought from any of the bus pass issuing centres.

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