Telangana polls: BJP leader Zafar Islam lashes out at BRS, Cong over ‘corruption’

Hyderabad: BJP national spokesperson Zafar Islam on Wednesday said that the party was working seriously for victory in Telangana elections. He said that development was possible only with “double-engine” government.

He accused the BRS, AIMIM and Congress of amassing wealth through dynasty politics and corruption. He said that BJP has shown support for formation of Telangana to ensure the development of the people here. Terming BRS as “Brashtachar Rishtedar Party‘, he added that since Telangana was formed, only KCR’s family benefitted.

Zafar Islam said that the Congress was also a corrupt party, and AIMIM was working as a B-team for Congress and BRS. He said that in Karnataka a large amount of money was found by enforcement agencies. It is alleged that money is being sent from Karnataka to all the states where elections are taking place. He said that Karnataka has become an ATM for the Congress.

Zafar Islam said that Congress’ sleeper cell was getting money to Telangana with the help of Tamil Nadu government. Money is making its way to Telangana from Karnataka through Tamil Nadu. Zafar Islam made it clear that the investigation into allegations of corruption against BRS MLC Kavita is going on and will not stop under any circumstances.