Telangana polls: BRS gets 41% vote share in ‘janata ka mood’ survey

Hyderabad: ‘Janata ka mood’ survey by a political research consultancy has predicted a win for the BRS with the party getting the highest vote share (41% ) in the upcoming Telangana Assembly elections, followed by Congress (34%), BJP (14%) and AIMIM (3%).

The survey also predicted that the BRS is primed to win 72 to 75 seats in the polls scheduled for November 30, followed by 31 to 36 seats for Congress, 6 to 7 seats for the MIM and 4 to 6 seats for the BJP.

The survey was released in New Delhi on Wednesday, November 1, as per which there would be a close contest in 18 seats with the BRS leading in 10 of those.

According to the survey, Congress and BJP are leading in 4 seats each in the remaining 8 seats. It further suggested that the Congress resurgence in Telangana was an impact of its victory in Karnataka.

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However, the survey predicted that Congress’s failure to implement the guarantees in Karnataka, which they listed out in Telangana could influence the voters.

According to the survey, none can match the popularity of K Chandrashekar Rao, who is the most preferred CM among leaders in Telangana.

For Congress, the survey said that the grand old party has to solve its internal rivalries and arrive at a consensus on state-building to gain the voters’ confidence.

For BJP, the survey pointed out that though the party suffers from group-ism, it still stands a chance to win 4 to 6 seats.

On the whole, Telangana politics, as per the survey, was dominated by KCR led BRS party which would potentially hit the hattrick by coming to power for the third time.

Polling across Telangana is scheduled to take place on November 30 with the state witnessing an intriguing triangular contest between the BRS, Congress, and BJP.

In the previous Assembly elections in 2018, the BRS won 88 of the 119 seats, hogging 47.4 percent of the total vote share. The Congress finished a distant second with 19 seats and a vote share of 28.7 percent.