Telangana polls: Is AIMIM considering woman candidate for Charminar constituency?

Hyderabad: Ahead of Assembly polls in various states, including Telangana, Parliament has passed the Women’s Reservation Bill. Following the passage of the bill, All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) is considering increasing women’s representation in politics.

Against this backdrop, AIMIM is reportedly contemplating the nomination of a woman candidate from the Charminar Assembly Constituency.

Why is AIMIM considering woman candidate for Telangana polls?

In light of the potential reservation of the Hyderabad seat for women in the future, the party is reportedly considering ensuring the election of a woman assembly member in the upcoming assembly elections.

If the Hyderabad Lok Sabha constituency is eventually reserved for women, it would provide an opportunity for the AIMIM to field a woman candidate from the seat.

Sources suggest that the leadership of AIMIM, particularly the Owaisi brothers, have carefully weighed their options regarding the woman candidate, and plans for announcing the candidate are expected to move forward promptly.

In the process of devising a strategy to select a woman candidate from the Charminar Assembly Constituency, party leaders evaluated individuals who have not only served within the party but also made contributions to the community.

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Progress so far

According to a reliable source, one candidate has reportedly been finalised, and preparations for her campaign have also been completed.

With the potential for fierce competition in the Charminar assembly constituency, there is consideration of nominating a woman candidate from the Bahadurpura assembly constituency as well.

Actions may be taken to facilitate this move as part of the party’s broader strategy to enhance women’s representation in politics.