Telangana: Private schools facing shortage of teachers

Hyderabad: After the summer vacation the schools across Telangana reopened on June 13.   However, most private schools are facing a shortage of teachers. The basic reason cited for this situation is teachers’ preparation for government jobs announced by the Telangana government. The state government has given relaxation in the age that can enable many people to try for group 1 exams.

The exam consists of general knowledge and other subjects and teachers are in a better position to crack it. 

After the state announced 90000 vacancies to be filled through the Telangana Public Service Commission. The process of receiving applications for group 1 exams has been completed. The process for the announcement of group 2, 3 and 4 are yet to be completed. Those who fail to apply for group 1 exams can apply for these three groups.

During the COVID lockdown, many private schools have terminated the services of teachers.  These terminated teachers had to sustain life by engaging in different professions to earn their livelihood.

Now, these experienced teachers are reluctant to join once again as private teachers due to no job security.

According to a report, the schools are facing a shortage of 50%.  This private schools are appointing new teachers while the experienced teachers are busy preparing for the group 1 exams.