Telangana: Rs 200 cr worth cash, freebies seized during MCC

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Around 200 crore worth cash, liquor, precious metals, narcotic drugs and freebies were seized by the election commission ever since the General Election Model Code of Conduct came into operation.

Interestingly, the number has manifold over 400 times since 2019 where the total seizures was Rs 46.3 crores.

The Model Code of Conduct was active from March 16 to June 3.

According to a press statement released by the Telangana Election Commission, the city police formed 466 flying squads, and 89 state internal border checkpoints besides mobile parties of local police to curb illegal transportation of money, precious metals, freebies and liquor.

Nature of Enforcement Details of Enforcement
Total Cash seized Rs 99,16,15,968/-
Total liquor seized Rs 1,48,00,955/-
Total Narcotic Drugs seized Ganja: 5068.889 kgs,
MDMA: 266.510 gms,
Alphazolam: 7.666 kgs,
Hash oil: 17.588 liters,
Ecstasy pills: 10.80 grams,
Ganja plants: 243,
Heroin: 69 gms,
OPM paste: 120 grams
Charas: 0.09 Kgs
Ganja Chocolate: 0.428 Kgs
LSD Blots: 05
e-cigarettes (vapes)
Vnsn disposable devices:10 and others
Total precious metals – Gold (92.271 kgs) Silver (178.657 kgs) Rs. 63,19,83,040/-
Other Freebies Rs 11,91,06,661/-
Total seizure, including cash, liquor, precious metals, drugs and freebies Rs. 200,27,60,036/-
Seizure Made by FST/State Surveillance Team Rs 50,73,17,696/-
Seizure Made by Police Team Rs 149,54,42,340/-
Licensed Arms Deposited 7272
Un-Licensed Arms Seized 20
Explosives Seized Gelatin sticks-2756 &-50-corton boxes(1250 kgs),
Detonators-401 & 7-Corton boxes (5350 kgs)
Plain Detonators-847 ,
Bundle of connecting wire(V-Gurad)- 01, Meggar Box-04,
Connecting wire(White)-02 fuse wires-3 Boxes (3250 kgs), Detonators & Electronic-200 and Ideal boosters- 6925 Kgs
Gelatin sticks Power Booster boxes-52 boxes(1300
Detonators guard wires-5& boosters-9
CDET Wire Bundles-2166,Solar XLs-2118,
Cable wire bundles -9 and 80 Meters,
Binding wire 5 set & 10 meters
(83mm Dia(ClassII)x2.78 kgs), Red color wire around 6 meters (Cordex/Deguard)
Compresser Tractor-8
Switch box-1
Iron drilling rods 3
Compressor Jakhi
Jam tuber -1 Battery-1 & Ammeter-01 ,

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