Telangana: RTC asks employee to take selfie with relative’s dead body

Hyderabad: According to the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) officials, workers cannot take leaves. Some bus depots, including the Hyderabad Central University (HCU) terminal, have told their staff to produce proof to avail emergency leave.

In an unexpected decree, a driver who took leave to attend a funeral of a close relative was asked to produce a selfie with the body. “How can one expect someone to take a selfie with the body during the funeral. It is pathetic,” the driver was quoted by The New Indian Express.

While management is planning for more efficiency, the bus depots have taken on a ‘no leaves’ policy. Due to this, there is an increase in the number of ‘charge memos’ among drivers and conductors.

A similar case was reported this week, where a bus driver, identified as A Srinivas, died by suicide after receiving ‘charge memos’ for his absence from work.

V S Rao, a convenor of RTC-JAC said, ”As per the rules, the staff who work without taking leave would be given an incentive of Rs 1,500 for 100 days. But, in the present, the intention of encouraging the staff is defeated and being forced to work without leave.”

With this situation, another driver said, ”I have never come across a situation in over two decades of service. If this case continues, they may even take an extreme step like Srinivas.”