Telangana: SCR’s Protection Force saved 52 lives in 2022

Hyderabad: The South Central Railway’s Railway Protection Force (RPF) has saved a total of 52 lives in 2022 as a part of ‘mission Jeevan rakshak’.

The chief public relations officer of the SRC released a statement on Saturday that highlights their performance.

The lives of 23 female and 29 male passengers were saved by the RPF personnel who were negligent or faced danger while boarding or alighting running trains.

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A few were also saved when they attempted suicide.

Performance of the RPF personnel

RPF rescued 46 children, 34 boys, and 12 girls, from the clutches of traffickers in 2022 as a part of Operation AAHT and arrested eight people involved.

RPF personnel also arrested 48 persons on examining the CCTV footage and recovered Rs 97,97,07,130 in 2022.

The protection force personnel retrieved more than 2,060 leftover belongings from passengers, valued at more than Rs 4.99 crore, as a part of ‘Operation Amanat’ and handed them to the right owners in 2022.

The security force seized Ganja worth Rs 8.26 crore and arrested 78 persons involved in the sale of the banned product under ‘Operation Narcos’.

In 2022, RPF apprehended 448 persons to recover stolen property worth Rs 4.4 crore.

The security forces under the ownership of the Indian Railways also apprehended those involved with the theft of gold and illegal drug trade.