‘Telangana shall forever be indebted to Dr Ambedkar,’ says KTR

Hyderabad: Telangana IT minister KT Rama Roa on Tuesday said that Dr BR Ambedkar had a major role to play in the formation of the state.

The minister was speaking in the state’s legislative assembly. “The highest symbol of India is the Parliament. We appeal to the Indian government to name the new Parliament building after Dr Ambedkar. I will now introduce the current resolution in front of the house,” said KTR.

The minister further said that Ambedkar highlighted the issues of the caste system in India, and quoted the chairman of the drafting committee from the speeches the latter had given in the constituent assembly.

“In his book Democracy and its education, BR Ambedkar highlighted the need for social justice and fraternity, one person-one vote is a lesson taught by Ambedkar,” said KTR.

The minister went on to say, “Today we are speaking in the Telangana state assembly its because of Dr. Ambedkar, who prepared article 3 of the Constitution, had it not been there, we wouldn’t have Telangana.”

KTR invoked Ambedkar’s popular saying, “If the Constitution starts to be misused, I will be the first one to burn it.”

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“He was not only uplifting certain sections of the society but all of them, he spoke of women’s equality and paved the way for widow remarriage,” KTR added.

KTR further elaborated on Ambedkar’s views on women, property rights, and the Hindu Code Bill.

He further said, “Ambedkar also called for the simple majority for creation of states as per article 3 of the Constitution.”

“Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao floated the Telangana Rashtra Samithi in 2001 based on the principles of Dr BR Ambedkar,” the minster said. He further said, “Today when we talk of India as the largest democracy it is because Ambedkar believed in democracy. The people of Telangana will forever be indebted to him,” he added.

The minister ended his speech with “Jai Bheem. Jai Telangana.”