Telangana State Robotics Framework launched by KTR at T-Hub

Hyderabad: To encourage start-ups and MSMEs in the robotics industry, Telangana State Robotics Framework was launched by the state IT minister KT Rama Rao at T-Hub on Tuesday.

KTR said that Telangana has been at the forefront of adopting the latest technology, emerging as a pioneer of technological innovation to improve the lives of citizens.

Speaking after launching the TS Robotics Framework (TSRF), the minister held that the state government aims at creating a world-class robotics ecosystem and making the state a global hub for robotics design, testing and manufacturing.

The TSRF will work on five key pillars, infrastructure access, business facilitation, research and innovation, skill development, and responsible deployment.

To encourage start-ups and MSMEs in the robotics industry, Telangana will provide incentives similar to those outlined in the State Innovation Policy, ICT Policy, and Electronics Policy.

Saagu Baagu project in association with the world economic forum is a classic example of leveraging artificial innovation for agricultural innovation in Telangana,” said KTR.

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Talking about eight technologies adopted by the state in 2017, KTR said that the Telangana government always focused on entrepreneurship, capacity building, research and development.

Attributing the development to chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’s vision, KTR said that as a government, they have followed a PPP (Public-Private Partnership) framework to reach out to the common man.

“Five actionable policies have been released under the PPP model on AI, cloud, etc to accelerate growth in the centre,” said KTR.

“To establish a partnership, five centres of excellence have been set up along with Nasscom, World Economic Forum, and III-T have been set up,” added KTR.

He stated that, in relation to the project, population-scale projects across, agriculture, environment, healthcare, transportation, and forest have been implemented to impact development closely.

Claiming robotics to be much more than automating tasks, KTR said that the tools can be used for unlocking new levels of productivity, and creativity to improve safety, and innovation in several fields including the field of healthcare.

“It is interesting to see how quickly young generations adapt to technology,” said KTR adding that globally, robotics has seen an increase in demand, with 3-fold multiplication in the use of robots, according to the world robotics report.

“India stands at 10 positions and should come in the top five in using the technology in the next decade,” visioned KTR.

Inviting investments, KTR said that the holistic policy adopted by Telangana is a shining example that the state reflects in bringing about positive and innovative changes.

Stating that technology can transform lives for the better, KTR said that the government has set up a separate body to support T-Hub, WEHub, T-Works, TS Innovation Cell, Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge and Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad for taking research to the market.

TRIC will work with the existing centres of excellence in artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, and e-waste apart from collaborating with industry, academia, and incubators for creating new opportunities for economic growth and job creation.