Telangana State to have one more political party

Hyderabad: Telangana state will soon have one more political Party . Politician and the son of former Union Minister P. Sivasankar , Dr. Panjala Vinay will form the new political party . He said that he would announce the name of his political Party in December this year. He said that he had decided to form the found the new party with an objective to do justice to all people of the state.

Vinay made the announcement during a meeting of his supporters at a function hall in the city. He said that he had entered politics with the encouragement of his friend Dr. Mitra. He said that the politicians need voters, who can identify the election symbols of their choice before casting their votes.

He rued that the leaders had forced the voters to a position from where they can’t even recognise the symbols of their choice.

Commenting on the less expenditure being made on the education sector by successive governments, he said that governments were not spending adequate funds for the development of the education sector as the educated voters would vote only after observing the contesting candidates.