Telangana: Sub-committee issues recommendations on ration cards

Hyderabad: Considering the request to issue permanent ration cards to beneficiaries, the cabinet sub-committee of the Telangana government has issued recommendations.

In the request that was made by a Hyderabad-based NGO ASEEM, it was mentioned that as per the clauses of Telangana State Public Distribution (Control) Order 2016, the government shall issue distinctive National Food Security Cards/ State Food Security Cards, Antodaya Annayojana, and Annapurna Cards.

It was also mentioned that since the formation of Telangana state, the government has not issued any permanent ‘Ration Card’ or ‘Supply Card’ to the household. Because of it, the beneficiaries were forced to take out online printouts from their digital database every month to get essential commodities they are entitled to under NFSA.

As FPS owners are compelling the household beneficiaries to bring the new online printouts every month to get the ration, the poor beneficiaries are compelled to shell out Rs. 10-50 for the printouts.

Acting on the request, the Cabinet sub-committee has verified various smart cards along with financial implications shown against each model. It has also recommended the issue of printed Food Security cards in the state.

The committee has directed the department to design two models of Food Security Cards, one National Food Security Card and another State Food Security Card.