Telangana to empower minority women with sewing machines today

Hyderabad: The Telangana State Minority Finance Corporation Chairman, Imtiaz Ishaq, has announced the initiation of a sewing machine distribution program aimed at empowering minority women, starting from Jagtial.

The government plans to distribute 25,000 sewing machines to empower women from minority communities.

Chairman Imtiaz Ishaq inspected Jagtial venue and assessed the preparations for the inauguration ceremony, along with local MLA Dr. Sanjay Kumar and other leaders from the BRS party.

Special attention has been given to ensure that women do not face any difficulties during the distribution program, especially considering the rainy season. All necessary facilities will be provided to the participating women.

Imtiaz Ishaq highlighted the government’s commitment to the development and welfare of minority communities. He noted that the second phase of the subsidy loan scheme for minorities, involving the distribution of checks worth Rs 1 lakh, is in its final stages and will be implemented soon.

The distribution of sewing machines to minority women is scheduled to commence in Jagtial on September 9 at 3 pm.

Imtiaz Ishaq praised the government’s efforts for minority development and emphasized that Telangana Chief Minister KCR is a champion of secularism.

Imtiaz Ishaq accused the Congress and BJP of spreading false and fabricated allegations against the government and misleading the people.

However, he expressed confidence that the people of Telangana would recognize the government’s sincere efforts and support the BRS party in the upcoming elections to secure another term for Chief Minister KCR.