Telangana: TSSPDCL urges citizens to not fly kites over power lines, transformers

Hyderabad: Power supply authorities have requested citizens to be cautious while flying kites on the day of Makar Sankranti i.e on the 15th Jan and urged not to fly kites in an open area far away from overhead power lines, transformers, and substations.

In an advisory on Friday from the power board, Chairman and MD G Raghuram Reddy urged people not to use the metal-coated threads as they could cause death due to electric shock.

He asked the people not to remove kites that get caught in electrical lines or fall into substation premises. “Leave them there. Do not touch any part of the kite or string and keep everyone away,” he said.

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Reddy urged the parents to look after their kids and keep an eye on them. “Do not allow the children to touch a snapped and broken conductor,” he advised.

He asked the people to inform the electricity department in case of any emergency by dialing 1912 or the nearest electricity office or through the mobile app or the company website if a kite or any objects get caught in electrical lines, or broken conductors in their respective areas for taking immediate action.