Telangana: UNICEF team visits Anganwadi centres, hospitals in Sangareddy

Hyderabad: A UNICEF team of about 35 delegates paid a visit to Anganwadi centres and the Mother and Child Healthcare Centre, at the Government General Hospital in Sangareddy on Tuesday, September 12 to monitor healthcare services.

They learned of measures being used to bring down maternal and newborn mortality rates and were informed of nutrient-rich food supplements supplied to pregnant women and children up to age five.

The team also collected information on the scheduled vaccination program and services provided by doctors and other healthcare staff before expressing satisfaction with the services being provided in the public healthcare system and Anganwadi centres.

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The Unicef team was informed of initiatives taken up to strengthen the public healthcare system, such as free high-quality healthcare at government hospitals and improvement of the health indicators with the help of PowerPoint presentations.

Additionally, officials provided information on healthcare services for mothers and children, prenatal nutrition kits, postpartum KCR kits, and encouragement for health professionals to facilitate normal deliveries.

They informed the visiting delegation that government hospitals handled 86 percent of deliveries in the district.

The Arogya Mahila program, carried out with UNICEF’s assistance every Tuesday to educate women on diseases peculiar to them, preventive measures to take, and treatment, if necessary, was explained in detail.

The UNICEF team also visited the Anganwadi centre at Gopularam village and took note of the services extended there.