Telangana Urdu Academy president bats for Urdu’s rightful place

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Taher Bin Hamdan, President of the Telangana Urdu Academy, has reaffirmed his commitment to implementing Urdu as the state’s second official language across all government and non-government institutions.

Highlighting the government’s serious intent, he pledged comprehensive efforts to ensure Urdu’s rightful place at the official level.

Hamdan highlighted that the Telangana Official Language Amendment Act 2017, effective from April 27, 2018, mandates the use of Urdu as the second official language. Letters have been sent to all District Collectors and Minority Welfare Officers, urging them to introduce Urdu in their respective government offices and institutions.

Efforts include advocating for Urdu Anganwadi schools alongside Telugu medium ones. The Academy has requested that signboards of government offices, educational institutions, and commercial establishments include Urdu. Additionally, all official notices, circulars, and memos should be published in Urdu, Telugu, and English.

Hamdan also addressed a letter to RTC Managing Director CV Sajjanar, urging the inclusion of Urdu on RTC bus boards, ensuring area names are displayed in both Telugu and Urdu.

Expressing confidence in the support from the Revanth Reddy government, Hamdan assured that all schemes of the Urdu Academy will be effectively implemented to promote and develop the Urdu language in Telangana.

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