Telangana: WE Hub launches ‘Ujagaar’ to democratize minority women-led biz

Hyderabad: Telangana government’s WE Hub, in partnership with SAFA society, has launched Project Ujaagar to formalise and improve financial literacy for minority women-led businesses in Telangana.

The 1.5-month-long intervention programme aims to improve the socio-economic conditions of the minority community’s infrastructure and promote entrepreneurship among minority women by providing various programmes and amenities to improve their quality of life.

The programme, consisting of four fundamental tracks conducted weekly, will cover topics such as statutory compliances, business models, marketing and sales, legal and finances, and upskilling.

It will also provide tailored programmes at no cost to participants, introduce essential guidance and facilities to promote business, build a strong community of founders, and induce skill development through building a business.

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Principal Secretary of the state, Dr Jayesh Ranjan launched the project during an event at WE Hub.

Speaking at the launch event, Jayesh Ranjan said, “WE Hub will validate and support women to scale their current businesses and encourage new ones. The only ask from entrepreneurs is to stay consistent, make use of the opportunities, and advance further in terms of socio-economic status.”

CEO, of WE Hub, Deepthi Ravula, said, “We’ve observed over the past five years that businesses led by women often lack proper registration, financial literacy, accounting skills, and tools to enhance their operations.”

“Our project aims to tackle these challenges faced by women-led businesses in Telangana. By offering this programme, we aspire to create a robust community of founders who can learn from each other.”

The programme will target 150 aspiring women entrepreneurs or existing businesses per year and aim to formalise 50 percent of them.

In addition, WE Hub will also be hosting WE Talks monthly or bimonthly, providing further opportunities for learning and growth.

CEO of SAFA Society, Rubina Mazhar said, “the collaboration between WE Hub and SAFA will attract a new demographic and dimension to its model.”

Over the past 5 years, WE Hub has incubated 3194 start-ups by women founders and successfully engaged with over 5,000 women entrepreneurs, 1247 students, 986 social impact entrepreneurs, and 609 urban entrepreneurs.