Telangana: Women safety wing sets up ‘Pride Place’ safety cell

Hyderabad: The Women Safety Wing (WSW) of the Telangana police on Tuesday launched ‘Pride place’, a safety cell for transgenders.

The women cell inaugurated the pride place which aims at providing a safe space for transgenders along with the rest of the LGBTQIA community. The WSW will collaborate with various organisations advocating for the rights of the aforementioned groups.

The WSW DIG Sumati Badugla said, “We must address the people belonging to the community as they want to be identified.” She further said, “We have been working closely with NGO Taruni and other organistaions to provide safe space for the vulnerable communities”

The officials present at the meeting emphasised on some of the major issues faced by these communities and the families. Tharuni head Mamta Raghuveer said, “There have been a number of challenges we face in terms for providing a safe space to the LGBTQ.” It is only a recent times that the judiciary has been intervening to up hold the rights of these communities.

The Pride Place, inaugurated by the Telangana Police today is a first of its kind in India. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Telangana DGP M Mahendra Reddy. He also inaugurated the vision of the pride place. The DGP further said that the Telangana police will ensure the safety and well being of the community.

The cell will be headed by a police official, a representative from the transgender community along with legal experts. There will be awareness campaigns for sensitising the police personnel at all police stations. It is an important exercise since we are responsible to protect people.

The DGP Mahendra Reddy said, “I am pleased to be a part of this event today. We have taken the first step towards the safety of transgenders. We will make sure to uphold the rules of the Transgenders act of 2019.”