Telangana: YSRTP leaders resign en masse as Sharmila supports Congress

Hyderabad: YS Sharmila offering the YSR Telangana Party’s (YSRTP) support to the Telangana Congress has led to a firestorm of dissent within the party ranks. Some YSRTP members, in defiance, have submitted their resignations in protest against Sharmila’s support for Congress, despite the party rejecting the alliance earlier. 

“We came together to join YSRTP with a belief in the legacy of YS Rajashekhar Reddy. Today, that belief feels misplaced,” disgruntled members of YSRTP said, speaking at the Press Club in Somajiguda. 

“Neither the Congress, nor the CPI care for an alliance with YS Sharmila’s YSR Telangana Party. Now, she is going to support Congress? It is a shame the leaders of YSR Telangana Party,” leaders said and removed the YSRTP shawls.

A woman leader said, “I had spent lakhs of rupees on campaigning during the padayatra in February, now she cheated on me and many others who have put in all that they had, which has now gone in vain.”

Last week, Sharmila, in a letter to Congress’s Rahul Gandhi, justified her party’s withdrawal from the election race, saying, “In the greater interest of the state and to ensure the greater good of the people, YSRTP extends unconditional support to the Congress.”