The funny side of Chabutra Mission in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A bid taken by the city police, Chabutra Mission, to ensure that no untoward transpires has taken a hilarious turn of events.

As cops have intensified their Chabutra Mission drive in the Old City ahead of the Ganesh festival and Milad-un-Nabi, youngsters who are questioned about their motives for being out late are cooking up excuses like medical emergencies to escape being detained. 

Over the last week as officers to constables were chasing away youngsters sitting in various colonies post midnight, many of the them have been giving them hilarious excuses which have led to some funny moments being shared between both sides.

Moving around the localities at 2 am in the harsh monsoon is nothing short of a punishment for the cops also who till recently sat in comfort of their Innova vehicles and zoomed around blaring police sirens.

“Youngsters are carrying a stripe of ‘paracetamol, dolo, brufen tablets or some syrup bottles with them. When we stop them, immediately they show it to us and explain ‘medical ku gayah tha,” a cops laughs out. Some tried to escape by showing one or two tablets.

Two days ago a senior sub inspector of Shahalibanda was amused when he got the same reply from around half a dozen people.

Every other person he caught in the lane told him that they were on their way to a medical store to buy medicine.

 “When people are stopped for checking and asked to reason why they are moving around late at night, almost all of them are saying ‘Shaadi mein se areh’ or ‘mauta mein se areh’,” a cop revealed.

On occasions, the police chase away local youth who sit a little away from the police checkpoint and alert the motorist about the ‘danger ahead’.