The Hidden Castle: Trending weekend getaway spot near Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Have you ever wondered how Mughals and Khiljis used to spend their quality time? Are you curious to know how Kings in medieval times used to live in their palaces? If yes, there is a special place where you can experience the luxurious life of medieval rulers.

The Hidden Castle resort is located in Mathapalle village of Medak district which is around two hours’ drive away from the heart of Hyderabad. Most of the Hyderabadis are thronging the place nowadays with friends and family members. The uniqueness of the place is that it offers modern fun activities inside the walls which resemble medieval architecture. The place is equally good for old and young people.

The place also offers gaming zones for your children, adventurous activities for your young family members and other group activities.

You can enjoy camping, archery, zip-line, rain dance, swimming, magic show, bonfire, play dandiya etc. Sprawling majestically over 30 acres, the resort offers full adventure and nature walk. For those who want to endeavour the quintessence of medieval kings’ dresses or thrones, ‘The Hidden Castle’ is the best option. You can experience the royal treatment in the Presidential Suite, Heritage Suite and other Attic rooms. So, are you ready to be like a king, do visit and get that treatment from ‘The Hidden Castle’ staff.

Checkout some glimpses of the place below.

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So, don’t make any excuses anymore. Plan a trip this weekend with your family, friends and adventure gang to create lasting memories together. Experience the medieval lifestyle and enjoy the weekend with your loved ones!