This winter Rajendranagar Masjid welcomes homeless people

Hyderabad: As hundreds of homeless and abandoned people suffer as a result of Telangana state’s present harsh winter, a mosque in Rajendranagar, in partnership with the Helping Hand Foundation (HHF), has established a 40-bed facility for the old, abandoned and poor people.

The facility will have a doctor-on-call 24 hours a day, nursing staff, and bedside care, as well as a physiotherapist, dietitian, support staff, and ambulance services. It will accept 70 per cent of geriatric patients and 30% of other needy and abandoned persons.

For the first time, a clinical psychologist will also assist in the treatment of senior people with mental health difficulties. Many older adults suffer from loneliness and depression, and the psychologist’s responsibility will be to counsel and assist them in dealing with mental stress.

The facility will maintain excellent hygiene and sanitation standards. It will be one of the only non-government facilities in the country to provide free services to the elderly, the homeless, and the poor, regardless of caste or creed.

The in-house kitchen will prepare healthful and hygienic meals for the residents under the supervision of a clinical dietician. There is also a recreation and leisure area. Apart from washing machines for laundering and drying clothing, each room will include numerous televisions and refrigerators to stock up on basic goods.

According to a survey conducted by HHF, many older individuals suffer from chronic ailments, notably stroke-related paralysis. Treatment will be provided free of charge to such patients.

The government’s advisor on minority affairs AK Khan stated at the facility’s inauguration that, with India’s life expectancy rising and families are decreasing, old age care is becoming more important. He believes it is encouraging to see civil society organizations step forward to meet the concerns of the elderly.

The founder of the Helping Hand Foundation Mujtaba Hasan Askari stated that the western world has excellent standards for geriatric care and that they were inspired by the concept. “We’re making a little effort to deliver services that meet international standards,” he added.