‘Those who are negative…’: Madhavi Latha responds to question on Raja Singh

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Hyderabad: Bharatiya Janata Party leader K Madhavi Latha, in her speech post her loss against AIMIM party chief Asaduddin Owaisi in Hyderabad Lok Sabha election, broke her silence on questions over BJP leader and Goshamahal MLA Raja Singh’s disapproval on her candidature.

Expressing gratitude towards the general public for their support, Madhavi Latha said that she would continue to work for the people who have supported her.

While answering questions on dissent over her candidature within the party, Madhavi Latha said, “It is their right to decide whether to support or not. I called everyone to be a part of my campaign, those who wanted to come and support me did and the ones who were negative didn’t come. It is their own wish and decision.”

“The whole world knows that I got votes honestly and not through cheating like others. To win against me people had to run around begging for votes, I am happy I proved a challenging candidate for a rival party. People voted for me after reading my intentions and wanted to support me,” she added.

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The Madhavi Latha said that in Hyderabad Lok Sabha, 3,23,894 people have voted for BJP, including around 3,000 government employees who voted through postal ballot.

“I am an MP for all these people, I will also be available for all these people for them throughout their lives. I am a family member for them irrespective of whether I lost the election. Actually, it is a major achievement for me to get over 3 lakh votes in Hyderabad,” said Madhavi Latha.

Madhavi Latha who raked in a controversy twice during her election campaign and got cases booked against her in two police stations said all the BJP in State and Central leadership had supported her during her campaign.

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