TMRIES schools will be closed if Congress comes to power, says BRS functionary Imtiaz Ishaq

Hyderabad: Imtiaz Ishaq, Chairman of Telangana State Minorities Finance Corporation, accused the Congress of not mentioning TMRIES in its declaration. “This means TMRIES schools will be closed if Congress comes to power.

He apprehended that the overseas scholarships would also be closed because it was not mentioned in the Minority Declaration of the Congress.

Ishaq termed the minority declaration of the Congress a joke because the party shows it is hesitant in relation to minority issues.

“Caste-based census and reservation based on caste can create communal hatred and tension in the State… The culture of Congress is hatred, tension, riots,” he added.

Addressing a press conference at the Media Plus Auditorium, Imtiaz Ishaq said that during the recent period, some personalities who stayed with KCR till yesterday and made their place in the society, are now speaking against him and the party. They allege that many minority professional colleges were closed down in the State because of the stoppage of fee reimbursement scheme during the BRS era.

He clarified that the colleges which were closed were not meeting the government rules. He alleged that many of these colleges had no buildings, no infrastructure, and no faculty. They were collecting fees in the name of fake students depriving the real ones.

The Congress also criticized the minority budget while the oldest party should realize that the minority population in Karnataka is 1 crore and the minority budget there is Rs 2,000 crore, while in Telangana the budget is Rs 2,200 crore for a population of 50 lakh approved.

Ishaq said that people of Telangana are aware that they will not be influenced by false promises, hollow claims.