TMRIES students excel in SSC, Intermediate exams

Hyderabad: The students of Minority Residential School in Telangana have achieved outstanding results in the SSC and intermediate examinations. B Shafiullah, Secretary of Telangana Minority Residential School Society, announced that 204 residential schools and junior colleges have maintained a record of good results this year. In the SSC exams, the result of 60 schools was 100 percent, while the overall result of residential schools was 95 percent. Similarly, in the intermediate exams, 30 residential junior colleges scored 100 percent, with the overall result of junior colleges being 84.4 percent.

According to Shafiullah, a total of 10,638 students appeared for the SSC exams, out of which 10,090 students passed. In the intermediate exams, 8,396 students participated in the first year and 8,233 students participated in the second year. Out of these, 6,919 and 7,121 students were successful, respectively. The overall result for SSC was 95 percent, while the first year and second year results were 82.4 and 86.5 percent respectively.

In the Intermediate second year, several students achieved remarkable results. Razia from TMRJC-Golconda Girls secured 985 out of 1000 marks in MLT Vocational, while G Sankertana from TMRJC-Mancharial Girls scored 989 marks in MPC. Y Anusha from TMRJC-Mahbubnagar Boys scored 1,966 marks in CEC. In Inter-First Year, Jhanvi from TMRJC-Mehboob Nagar Girls secured 467 marks out of 470 in MPC, while Usha Sree from TMRJC-Gadwal Girls scored 435 out of 440. Roheen from TMRJC-Jubilee Hills Girls scored 490 out of 500, and Alfia from TMRJC-Mahbubnagar scored 493 out of 500.

The Minister for Minority Welfare, K Iswar, and the President of the Residential School Society, AK Khan, congratulated the students for their outstanding performance in SSC and Intermediate examinations. B. Shafiullah mentioned that students of TMRIES are getting seats in engineering, medicine, and other professional courses. TMRIES is providing coaching for competitive exams like JEE, IIT, NET, EMS, CLAT, NDA, and HPT. B. Shafiullah appealed to the parents of the students to enroll their children in Residential Junior Colleges to provide better education.