Toddy compounds raided in Hyderabad, 68 cases registered

Hyderabad: Ahead of the Telangana Assembly elections, the Narcotics Bureau officials, along with local police raided toddy compounds across Hyderabad and registered a total of 68 cases.

The joint operation with the Task Force involved inspections where the teams discovered that the compounds were negligent in running their establishments.

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Additionally, the officials also looked out for quality assurance certifications or labels provided by relevant authorities on the premises.

Authorities involved in the operation stressed the importance of safeguarding the integrity of toddy production to preserve public health benefits and ensure that all compounds were thoroughly checked for adulteration practices.

On the other hand, consumers are encouraged to be vigilant and purchase toddy only from trusted sources.

According to officials, appropriate legal actions will be taken against those found guilty of adulterating. Currently, investigations are underway to crack down on more negligent compounds.