TPCC Minority Cell hails Raja Singh’s arrest under PD Act

Hyderabad: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Minorities Department Chairman Shaik Abdullah Sohail on Thursday welcomed the arrest of suspended BJP MLA Raja Singh under PD Act.

Abdullah Sohail, in a media statement, said the BJP MLA should’ve been arrested under PD Act on August 22 itself after he posted the controversial video containing derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). However, the Hyderabad Police did not react until thousands of youths across Telangana held protests. Raja Singh was arrested without following the due procedure, which enabled his release on bail within a few hours. Finally, Hyderabad Police took the right action on Thursday by arresting the BJP MLA under the PD Act, he added.

The Congress leader said thousands of Muslim youth held protests across the State demanding Raja Singh’s arrest. He said several cases have been booked against hundreds of youth for holding protests by the Hyderabad Police. He demanded that the State Government withdraw all the cases with immediate effect. Referring to some videos, which surfaced on social media showing police brutality, he feared that the Hyderabad Police might now target those who participated in the protest. He said the State Government should give clear instructions to the police officials for withdrawal of all cases registered against peaceful protestors.

Abdullah Sohail also demanded a probe into some incidents of violence in the Old City of Hyderabad to ascertain who pelted stones at the police vehicles and at whose instance. He said everyone must ensure that peace is restored in Hyderabad which got disturbed due to Raja Singh’s communal utterances.