Traffic restrictions for Ram Navami procession in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Police Commission CV Anand has notified the traffic restrictions for the Ram Navami procession in the city on Sunday. It will cover a 6.5 km distance.

It will start from Seetarambagh Temple, Mangalhat and proceed to Hanuman Vyayamshala School, Sultanbazar will pass via Bhoiguda Kaman, Manghalhat PS Road, Jali Hanuman, dhoolpet, Puranapul, Ganghi Statue, Jumerath Bazar, Chudi Bazar, Begumbazar Chatri, Begum Bazar, Barthan Bazar, Siddiamber Bazar Mosque, Shankar Sher Hotel, Gowliguda Chaman, Gurudwara, Putlibowli X Roads, Andhra Bank, Koti and Hanuman Vyayamshala, Sultanbazar.

One Tributary procession starts from Akashpuri Hanuman temple and will join the Main processions at Gangabowli Junction in the midway of main procession. The procession will conclude at Hanuman vyayamshala.

Traffic restrictions in Hyderabad

During the procession in Hyderabad, traffic restrictions will be imposed at various places in the city.

Between 1 and 2 p.m., when the procession will start at Seetharambagh Temple, traffic will be diverted at Mallepally X Road towards Vijayanagar colony and Mehdipatnam Road. Traffic coming towards Boiguda Kaman will also be diverted at Aghapura towards Charkandil and Gode-ki-Kabar.

When the procession reaches Boiguda Kaman, traffic will be stopped at Gandhi Statu, Puranapool and diverted towards Puranapool X Road-Jummerath Bazar and vice versa.

As soon as the procession reaches Gandhi Statue, traffic will be diverted at Puranapool X Road towards Puranapool Darwaza, Karwan and Jiyaguda road. At MJ Bridge, traffic will be diverted towards City College and Afzalganj. No vehicles will be allowed towards Jummerath Bazar. At Gode-ki-Kabar, traffic will be stopped and will not be allowed towards Jummerath bazaar and diverted towards Aghapura.

When the process reaches Begum Bazar Chatri, traffic will be diverted at MJ Bridge towards City College & Afjalganj. At Alaska, Traffic will be diverted towards Darussalam and Aghapura. At Labour Adda, traffic will be diverted towards Alaska.

Police will divert traffic at Afzalgunj T-Junction towards Central Library and MGBS when the procession reaches Siddhi Ambar Bazar Mosque. Apart from it, traffic will be diverted at MJ Market towards GPO Abids-Bank streets.

Traffic will be allowed in between MJ Market & Afzalgunj T-Junction and vice versa when the procession reaches Shankarsher Hotel.

As the procession proceeds towards Gowliguda Chaman, traffic coming from Rangamahal will not be allowed towards Gowliguda and it will be diverted towards MJ Market.

As soon as the procession reaches Puthlibowli X road, traffic coming from Rangamahal diverted towards CBS wheras, Traffic from Banker Street will be stopped at GPO Abids (Big Bazar) and diverted towards MJ Market. Apart from it, traffic coming from Chadharghat will not be allowed towards Andhra Bank, Koti and diverted towards Ram Koti at DMHS whereas, at Yousufain company, traffic will be stopped.

At Chadherghat X road, Traffic coming from Chadharghat will be stopped and diverted towards Nimboli Adda and Rangamahal after Procession reaches Andhra Bank, Koti.

Traffic coming towards Badichowdi will be stopped at kachiguda X road when the procession reaches DM&HS.

Similarly, traffic will be stopped at Pragathi Tiffin Centre (Hanuman tekidi) and Boggulakunta X road when the procession reaches Balaji Tiffin Centre.

Apart from traffic restrictions, the Hyderabad police also notified the suggested routes to be travelled between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. They are:

  1. Commuters coming from Mehdipatnam intending to go towards Darussalam are suggested to take Masab Tank, Vijaya Nagar Colony, Bazarghat, Yousufian Dargah, Ek Minar, Darussalam Road.
  2. Commuters coming from Darussalam intending to go towards Mehdipatnam are suggested to take Darussalam, Ek Minar, Yousufian Dargah, Bazarghat, Vijaya Nagar Colony, Masab Tank, Mehdipatnam.
  3. Commuters coming from Lakdikapool intending to go towards South Zone via M.J. Market are suggested to go through GPO, Bank Street, Putli Bowli, Rang Mahal Road. OR Basheer Bagh, Narayanaguda, Kachiguda, Nimboliadda, Chaderghat.
  4. Commuters coming from South Zone intending to go towards Mehdipatnam are suggested to go through Karwan Road. Gudi Malkapur X Road, Mehdipatnam.

Suggested routes to be taken between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. are as follow:

  1. Commuters coming from Lakdikapool intending to go towards Dilsukh Nagar OR South Zone are suggested to take via Basheer Bagh, Old MLA Quarters, Cemetery, Shanti Theatre, Kachiguda Inox, Tourist Jn, Nimboliadda, Chaderghat.
  2. Commuters coming from Dilsukh Nagar and South Zone intending to go towards Lakdikapool are suggested to take Nimboliadda, Tourist Hotel, Kachiguda Inox, YMCA, Shalimar Theatre, Cemetery, Old MLA Quarters, Basheerbagh.

Residents of Hyderabad are advised to plan their commuting taking the restrictions into consideration. The commutators can also contact Traffic Control Room (040 2785 2482) and Traffic Help Line (9010203626) for any travel information.

Ram Navami procession in Hyderabad

Every year, the Ram Navami procession is organized in Hyderabad. It is observed as the birth anniversary of Lord Rama.

BJP MLA representing the Goshamahal Assembly constituency actively participates in the procession.

In view of the upcoming assembly elections in the state, it is expected that a grand procession will be organized as BJP is leaving no stone unturned to grab the power in the state.

Meanwhile, police have made all necessary arrangements for the processions in the city.