Transport dept sees a 9% spike in income; RR, Hyderabad top earners

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The Telangana Road Transport Authorities (RTA) have made significant strides in improving its financial health, with a notable increase in revenue from various taxes levied in 2023-24. The department saw a 9.38% increase in earnings, bringing in a total of 6,990 crore, compared to 6,390 crore in 2022-23.

The Rangareddy road transport authorities (RTA) led the way in earnings, surpassing even Hyderabad, which has historically been the highest earning district.

The Rangareddy district saw a 10.8% increase in earnings, bringing in 1,688.78 crore in 2023-24, up from 1,523.66 crore in the previous fiscal year.

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The majority of the RTA’s earnings came from Hyderabad, Medchal, and Rangareddy districts, which together earned a significant 4,449.14 crores in 2023-24, a 10.4% increase over revenue from the previous year.

Interestingly, a large portion of the state’s earnings came from quarterly taxes paid by various commercial vehicles, indicating a strong and growing commercial sector in the state. These positive developments suggest a healthy and thriving transport sector in Telangana, contributing to the state’s overall economic growth.

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