TRS registers landslide victory in Telangana’s MLC elections

Hyderabad: With a complete sweep of the local body MLC elections, the ruling TRS party has claimed a resounding victory. The TRS won six MLC seats unanimously out of a total of 12 MLC seats, and then went on to win the remaining six MLC seats for which polling was conducted on December 10.

The TRS candidates were victorious in the first round of voting. The TRS candidates received more than half of the votes cast for the seat, accounting for more than half of the total votes cast. All other applicants are eliminated. The elections are anticipated to be declared formally in the near future by election officials.

Six of the 12 MLC seats up for election were won by the ruling TRS unopposed. The irony is that voters, who are elected members of local entities such as Mandal Parishad territorial constituencies (MPTCs) and Zila Parishad territorial constituencies (ZPTCs), are unable to properly cast their ballots. As a result, more than 50 votes in each part were rendered invalid. The TRS received the majority of the invalid votes.

Following the counting of ballots on Tuesday, TRS candidates T Bhanuprasad Rao and L Ramana from Karimnagar Local Authorities Constituency (LAC), Vanteru Yadava Reddy from Medak LAC, Tata Madhu from Khammam LAC, MC Kotireddy from Nalgonda LAC, and Dande Vittal from Adilabad were declared victors. Yadava Reddy garnered 762 votes, while Bhanuprasad Rao and Ramana received 584 and 479 votes, respectively. In Nalgonda, MC Kotireddy received 917 votes, while Madhu received 480 votes in Khammam. Dande Vittal earned 740 votes out of a total of 862 in Adilabad.