TRS spreading ‘false propaganda’ against BJP, Centre: Kishan Reddy

Hyderabad: Union Minister G Kishan Reddy on Saturday accused the ruling TRS in Telangana of carrying out a false propaganda against the NDA government at the Centre that it was ‘discriminating’ against the state.

Addressing reporters here, he said, “They are spreading a false and vicious campaign against our government… Every day, as per a plan, they are trying to defame the BJP. The family of KCR (Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao) is trying to defame the central government.”

Referring to TRS questioning the Centre over its contribution to Telangana’s development, he sought to know whether there are no central government PSUs and activity related to Defence in the state.

In the one kg rice for one rupee scheme in Telangana, the Centre’s share is Rs 32, while the state government’s contribution is two rupees, the senior BJP leader claimed.

“The family of KCR (Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao) is making the ministers to abuse (BJP, NDA government) as per a plan. They are giving in writing what type of language is to be used. It is like giving them turns and quotas to speak and abuse the BJP, central government and Narendra Modi ji,” he said. Alluding to TRS’ allegations that the Modi government is ‘anti-farmer,’ Reddy, citing figures, said he was ready for a debate on the funds spent respectively by the NDA government and the TRS government on paddy procurement during the last eight years.

Reddy challenged the TRS for a debate on various issues, including National Highways and one kg rice for one rupee scheme.

Meanwhile, state Finance Minister T Harish Rao criticised state BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar over the comments made during his ongoing ‘padayatra’.

Rao alleged that the NDA government at the Centre has not even released the funds which are due to Telangana.

The remarks of Reddy and Harish Rao come against the backdrop of an ongoing war of words between the TRS and BJP over paddy procurement and several other issues.

Legislative Assembly elections are due next year in Telangana.