TS: Objections raised over new rule for driving license renewal

Hyderabad: The new rule for driving license renewal in Telangana State may create difficulties for many people. 

According to the new rule, those who fail to renew their driving license within one year of completion of its validity will have to apply for a learning license.

“Earlier, after the renewal date, the licenses were being renewed after collecting penalty for each year of non-renewal upto five years. But the Transport Department has laid down the new rule.  This new rule would not only cause a great deal of inconvenience to those failed to renew their licenses due to Covid-19 pandemic but to those connected with the Transport Industry as well”.

The auto and cab drivers who failed to renew their license within the stipulated period may incur heavy losses as they cannot drive their vehicles on learner’s License.  Apart from the Auto and cab drivers, the drivers of the transport industry have appealed to the authorities to abolish the new system and retain the old one for renewing licenses with penalty.

Meanwhile, the RTO authorities have informed that the new rule has been laid down by the Central government.