UK’s medical devices manufacturer to invest Rs 231 crore in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Surgical Instruments Group Holdings (SIGH), a United Kingdom-based medical devices manufacturer, has announced a Rs 231 crore investment in Telangana. With this, the medical devices manufacturer marks its entry into the Indian market as part of its global expansion. It has shown interest in establishing a healthcare device manufacturing facility in Hyderabad.

Chief minister Revanth Reddy and minister for Industries & IT D Sridhar Babu met Managing Director Gouri Sridhara, and Amar Chidipothu, director of SIGH, and discussed their investment plan.

Their Hyderabad facility will produce several medical devices that are not currently manufactured in India.

The manufacturing operations are scheduled to be conducted in two phases with a span of 2-3 years. During phase-1, SIGH will focus on producing general and precision surgical instruments for micro-surgeries, orthopaedic power tools, dermatomes for maxillofacial surgery, ophthalmic instruments, and instruments for minimally invasive surgery.

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Phase 2 will see the company expanding into the manufacturing of robotic medical devices, they said in a press release on Thursday.

SIGH currently supplies medical devices to the NHS, the Ministry of Defence, and private hospitals in the UK. The company is headquartered in Milton Keynes and operates dedicated manufacturing facilities in Turkey and Germany.

Over the years, SIGH has acquired 11 companies, including well-known brands such as Osborn & Simmons, Valeplan, Decon Sciences, and Heinz Waldrik.