United Muslim Forum seeks assurances from parties ahead of Telangana polls

Hyderabad: The United Muslim Forum (UMF) has sought assurances from political parties on various issues before extending their support to any party ahead of forthcoming Telangana Assembly elections.

The forum, convened at the Khanqah Hazrat Shah Khamosh Nampally, where members, including Maulana Mufti Syed Sadeq Mohiuddin Faheem (president), Maulana Syed Shah Ali Akbar Nizamuddin Hussaini Saberi, Maulana Shah Mohammad Jamal-ur-Rehman Miftahi, Maulana Syed Shah Hassan Ibrahim Hussaini Quadri Sajjad Pasha, Mr. Ziauddin Nayyer, Mr. Syed Mohiuddin Ahmed Mukhtar (general secretary) and Maulana Syed Zaheeruddin Ali Sufi, were in attendance.

A general discussion was held during the meeting regarding the prevailing political climate in both the country and the state. In response to these circumstances, the forum aims to devise a strategy that prevents the fragmentation of votes during elections and thwart communal forces from gaining power.

Their support will be declared after receiving assurances from political parties on the redressal of Muslim-centric issues.

Additionally, strong condemnation was expressed toward the Israeli actions in Palestine, which have received backing from Western nations.

The meeting also underscored the importance of raising public awareness regarding the significance of voting. It was emphasised that voting is not solely a citizen’s right; it is also a civic responsibility that should be upheld by every individual.

Additionally, the forum scrutinized the past commitments and assurances made by political parties, evaluating their fulfillment. To this end, a comprehensive list of demands highlighting the issues faced by Muslims will be compiled and presented to political parties.

The promises made by the BRS government concerning the Muslim community were reviewed, along with the positions of other political parties.

Notably, even prior to the announcement of candidates by the AIMIM, the forum expressed its intent to support the candidates nominated by the Majlis.