Unity among Muslims is need of the hour: Maulana Imran Masood

Hyderabad: In view of increasing sectarianism in the nation, Iman of Jama Masjid- Bengaluru, Maulana Imran Masood held that Muslims should consider ‘unity’ as their shield to sail through the situation.

The Maulana is serving as an Imam in the Jama masjid of Bengaluru and is a renowned leader who encourages Muslim-Hindu unity while pledging to eliminate hatred building up due to political propaganda in the nation.

The The Siasat Daily, in an exclusive interview with the Imam at the Rainbow hotel in Lakdikapul, pulled light on the concept of unity among Muslims.

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Hijab ban, Halal controversy, Azaan on loudspeakers row, the Imam deliberated that the issues are nothing but political conspiracies fashioned to distract people from the main purpose of their survival.

“The only way to deal with this challenge is for Muslims to avoid all kinds of petty differences and unity among Muslims is the most essential ingredient for the minorities to survive in the nation with other religions,” stressed the Imam.

Shedding light on the role of Muslims during the election process, the Imam said, “India is a democratic country and each vote counts and hence, no person should trade their vote for anything.”

Reflecting on the issue of Muslims being targeted in the nations in some way or the other, the imam said that education is the key factor in building communal ethics in children.

Stressing the elevating Azaan issue, the maulana said that the call for prayer is given in accordance with the Supreme court guidelines which have not fixed a particular decibel of volume at which the call for prayer must be given.

“Future generations must be taught to stay united for there is no life without unity,” asserted the imam.

Parties working on the principle of secularism are preferred and not parties working with Muslim people in the leader’s seat.

Maulana further stressed that the power of votes should not be underestimated and hence every Muslim has to uplift their fellow mates to encourage each other positive voting spirit.

Concerning the serious situation that Muslims are currently going through and the way false powers are propagating against Islam and Muslims, the imam said, “disagreement in the Ummah is a source of mercy, but it should not be used as a source of chaos.”