Unity rally: Hyderabad police refute allegations of Mushtaq Malik

Hyderabad: City police on Wednesday denied the allegations of Tahreek Muslim Shabban president Mushtaq Malik, who accused the police officers for declining permission to the proposed ‘Unity Rally’ in old city.

In a statement, the Hyderabad police clarified that neither any officer nor any staff promised him to grant the permission. “It is very unfortunate that he chose to make such unfounded and sweeping allegations against senior police officials, twisting the facts and speaking half truth,” they said.

Police officers are bound by law to do their duty and take necessary steps particularly who ever approach to accord permission for their program, the police said, adding that the responsible persons of Tahreek Shabban were informed that their application shall be considered as per procedure.

In wake of Ganesh Chaturthi starting from September 10 and heavy movement of idols across city, Tahreek Muslim Shabban’s application was rejected. The police claimed that all the permissions for rallies are processed as per the procedure taking feedback from the field officers.

Mushtaq Mallik’s statement is full of falsehood, misquoting and twisting facts and he is unnecessarily casting aspersions to the Police officers acting as per law and procedure, the city police added.

Mushtaq Malik on Tuesday alleged that Telangana police are acting as an agent of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) by declining the permission to the proposed Unity rally on September 8.