University of Hyderabad opens for 2000 more students in its next phase

Hyderabad: The University of Hyderabad on Thursday announced the next phase of allowing 2,000 more students to return to the campus.

Earlier, the university had allowed 1,300 students, including research scholars and final semester students in the Sciences and practical disciplines such as performing arts and fine arts, to return to the campus and stay in the hostels.

University of Hyderabad’s vice-chancellor has approved the recommendations of the Task Force headed by Prof. Vinod Pavarala to permit the return of all terminal semester post-graduate students who will complete their respective programmes and graduate in June.

Besides, all Ph.D. scholars, except those who joined in 2020-21, can resume their research work from the campus. However, all the Master’s students who joined the University in 2020 will continue to have online classes for now.

After reviewing the current situation with Covid-19, the progress of the vaccine drive, and guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the varsity’s Task Force has mandated that all students returning in the latest phase must produce a COVID-19 negative report from an RT-PCR test, sign an undertaking, and spend a minimum of three days in isolation at a campus facility.

Those students returning to campus from the six states (Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat), where there has been a surge in cases, will be required to spend seven days in isolation.

Depending on class sizes, the statement added, all academic units have been advised to prepare for physical classes as well as instruction in the blended mode (combination of offline and online), following all the COVID-related protocols.