Upgradation of Nellore railway station at good pace: SCR

Hyderabad: The South Central Railways (SCR) plans to upgrade Nellore railway station in order to handle both current and future passenger traffic.

According to a statement by the SCR, the railway station located at the Grand Trunk route, has been chosen under the concept of ‘Major Upgradation of Railway Stations’ projects. Under this project, the station can handle a footfall of 30,000 passengers per day.

The project work that has been given to M/s SCL Infratech Ltd in Hyderabad is expected to complete by May 2024.

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The work has started off to a great state with the setting up of site offices, concrete testing labs, and storage sheds for stacking materials. The design is proof checked by IIT-Madras.

Moreover, the construction of temporary sheds for the functioning of courts and Government Railway Police (GRP) offices is completed and handed over to the respective departments.

Additionally, the construction of 8 COP pedestals on Platform no 1, and 4 pedestals each on platform no 2 and 4 respectively is also completed.

Dismantling of old structures and excavation work is in progress.