US Consulate in Hyderabad may open student visa appointment slots next week

Hyderabad: The US Consulate in Hyderabad is likely to open student visa appointment slots next week. As per the announcement made by the consulate last month, the first batch of appointments will be available in mid-May, followed by additional appointments later in the season.

Before the release of the student visa appointment slots, it is essential for the students to prepare themselves. They must gather all the necessary information, including the prohibited items at the US Consulate in Hyderabad.

List of prohibited items at US Consulate in Hyderabad

Recently, the consulate released a video detailing the prohibited items at its Nanakramguda facility. Visitors, including US citizens, must undergo security screening upon arrival, and there are several items that cannot be taken inside the consulate.

Following is the list of prohibited items at the US consulate in Hyderabad

  1. Cell phones
  2. Battery-operated or electronic devices
  3. Bags including purses, travel bags, backpacks, briefcases, and suitcases (Unsealed plastic bags, small cloth bags, and zip folders are allowed)
  4. Food or drink items
  5. Cosmetics
  6. Sealed envelopes or packages
  7. Flammable items
  8. Sharp objects
  9. Weapons
  10. Long-handled umbrellas
  11. Powders of any kind, including religious-related powders or spices.

Additionally, visitors, including those with US student visa appointments, must carry government-issued identification, and it must be the original document. Photocopies of IDs are not accepted. Moreover, visitors must ensure that the name on their identification matches the name on their appointment at US Consulate in Hyderabad.

New address of US Consulate at Nanakramguda

The new facility of the US Consulate in Hyderabad is located at Sy. No. 115/1, Financial District, Nanakramguda, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500032.

The consulate serves as the largest US diplomatic mission in South Asia and was built with an investment of USD 340 million. It is situated on a 12.2-acre site with 54 visa processing windows.

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On March 15, 2023, the consulate officially ended its lease of Paigah Palace and began operations at the new facility on March 20, 2023.