US grants visa to wife of Hyderabad student attacked in Chicago

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Hyderabad: The US Consulate in Hyderabad has granted a visa to the wife and children of Syed Mazahir Ali, a Hyderabad student who was attacked in Chicago on February 4.

They are likely to fly to the US this week.

Hyderabad student seriously injured in Chicago

Syed Mazahir Ali, pursuing a master’s degree in the US, was seriously injured in the attack by anti-social elements in Chicago. The incident occurred on February 4 when Ali was robbed and attacked by four armed robbers while returning home.

Following the attack, he was seen profusely bleeding and was subsequently admitted to a hospital.

In the aftermath of the attack, Ali’s wife, Syeda Ruquiya Fatima Razvi, who noticed his deep shock and depression, appealed to the US government for visas so that she along with her children can travel to Chicago to be with her husband.

Family of student receives US visa

Recently, the US visa was granted to the family of the Hyderabad student.

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Earlier, the Indian Consulate in Chicago stated, ‘Consulate is in touch with Syed Mazahir Ali and his wife in India Syeda Ruquiya Fatima Razvi and assured all possible assistance. Consulate has also contacted the local authorities who are investigating the case’.

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