US visa appointment wait times in Hyderabad still over 500 days

Hyderabad: Despite the efforts made by the government of the United States to expedite visa processing, wait times still exceed 500 days in Hyderabad and several other cities in India.

In Hyderabad, the appointment wait time for Interview Required Visitors (B1/B2) US visas is 511 calendar days. The wait time in other US consulates is also high. For instance, in Kolkata, it is 539 calendar days.

Though it has dropped significantly from 1000 calendar days earlier this year, it is still high.

US visa appointment wait times in Hyderabad

The appointment wait times at the US Consulate in the city for other types of visas are relatively low. For interview-required students, it is 54 calendar days. Here are the different wait times for various US visa types.

Visa Type Calendar Days
Interview Required Students/Exchange Visitors 54
Interview Required Petition-Based Temporary Workers 65
Interview Required Crew and Transit 1
Interview Required Visitors 511
Interview Waiver Crew and Transit 1
Interview Waiver Visitors 7
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Other US Consulates

Apart from Hyderabad, the wait times for US visas are high in other consulates as well. Students who aspire to study in the US are starting their processing months in advance.

New Delhi 542 days
Hyderabad 511 days
Mumbai 596 days
Kolkata 539 days
Chennai 531 days

Real-time visa appointment wait times at the US embassy and consulates in India can be viewed on the official website of the US department.