Van Gogh Immersive Experience to debut in Hyderabad on March 29

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The Real Van Gogh Immersive Experience is a ground-breaking artistic installation that will open in Hyderabad on March 29 and intends to redefine how we interact with art. The Silly Fellows will co-present the show alongside Nikhil Chinapa and Jay Punjabi.

A carefully chosen collection of 70 works by the Dutch post-impressionist artist will be on display. There will be a Van Gogh-themed cafe and merchandise. The exhibition will take place at the HITEX Exhibition Center. The timings will be 1:30 pm to 9 pm, with the last entry at 8 pm. Tickets for the event are available online on Paytm Insider. 

In addition to its breathtaking visuals, the show lets visitors see inside the well-known painter’s canvases. Through dance, music, and paintings, the experience vividly depicts his impassioned journey in the world of art and offers a glimpse into his distinct visual aesthetic.

This immersive exhibition aims to provide spectators with a chance to experience timeless art that meets worldwide standards. The highlight of the experience is the infinity room, which allows visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Van Gogh.

Additionally, with the help of 20,000 high-resolution projectors, 33 million+ pixels, and 10,000+ square feet of projections, this impressive digital art exhibition blends state-of-the-art technology, theatrical storytelling, and excellent animation.

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