Vegetarians’ delight: Hyderabad to get its first Namdhari’s retail outlet

Hyderabad: In a bid to expand its business, Simpli Namdhari’s, the retail arm of Namdhari’s Group, is launching its first retail outlet in Hyderabad this month.

Namdhari’s Group is a well-established agribusiness in Telangana and its subsidiary Namdhari’s Seeds has been working with rural farmers in the state for over 20 years.

Simpli Namdhari’s is the only 100 percent vegetarian retailer in India with a source-to-fork concept.

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The company plans to expand its production, warehousing and distribution business in the state while empowering local farmers with its seed-to-plate model.

With the launch of the new store, the company will be the only fully backwards integrated seed-to-plate player in Hyderabad.

The brand’s strength lies in its control over seed production, distribution, cultivation of export-quality fruits and vegetables and its sale in the Simpli Namdhari’s outlets.

As an established seed-to-plate business in Bengaluru, the company is embarking on a journey to grow from a regional brand to a national one.

CEO of Namdhari’s Group, Gurmukh Roopra will be in the city on March 17 to discuss the launch of the outlet, its growth plan and its uniqueness in standing out among other retail brands.